Top 3 Soccer Drills for Attacking Players


Continuation for my posts about training drills for the different team positions, this time I will write about defending players. This past week we played the guys who all work at a home renovation company in Dayton, Ohio. Although they don’t score goals, they are as important for the team as the goal scorers. They too have got to be well prepared with effective techniques. The techniques in the previous post about attacking players can also be useful as there will always be attacking and defending players but here are more specialized drills for you great defenders:

#1 – Running Boost

One attacking player and one defending player stand on the midline. On the first whistle, the attack player dribbles the ball at maximum speed towards the goal. Once he is well ahead, the second whistle is blown and the defending player runs trying to release the ball from the attacking player.

#2 – Defenders Circle

Divide the team into attackers and defenders. Attackers stand in a circle defined by cones and every one of them holds a ball. Defenders stand inside the circle. Attackers should keep the ball from defenders and whenever a defender takes a ball from an attacker he turns into an attacker standing at the side of the circle and the attacker becomes a defender. You can increase the chill by increasing the number of defending players. This is good for fast changing roles.

#3 – 3 to 1 Defending

Make a square grid placing 3 attackers inside it. Defenders stand in line outside the grid each holding a ball. When defender in in turn, he passes the ball to the attackers and enters the grid. Defenders try to make as many passes as possible until the defender blocks the ball. Then the turn of the next player comes. It is a very useful technique.

In the end, building strong defense means building a strong team. Learn to play under pressure as this is the most important part of being a good defensive player.

4 Crucial Mental Skills Every Player Should Have

These trainings are not only for goal scorers; they are for center forwards and attacking midfielders as well. They have proven very high results in a small amount of time. Practice them with your team mates in your training sessions.

#1 – Long Passes


This drill needs four players. Start in a small circle and pass the ball to each other. Gradually get away from each other while still passing the ball. Then start moving, each player moving some steps and then making a long pass to his team mate. Finally run, take the whole court running with only 2 long passes until you reach the other goal. This can be good as a warm-up drill.

#2 – Neutral Player


This drill needs 11 players, 5 players in each team and one neutral player. Instead of 1 goal for each team make it 3 goals side by side. You score a goal only by dribbling through it. 1 point is for scoring in the center goal and 3 points for scoring in the side goals. Set a threshold number of passes (ex: 5), the team that achieves this number of passes will get the neutral player to its side.

#3 – Width Exploitation


Two teams are formed, 7 players in every team. One team should have a 1-2-3-1 formation and the other 1-3-2-1 formation. Play the normal soccer game with all of its rules except for 1 additional rule: The midfield line is the offside line. Get out the most out of your tactics to create width in your game in order to pass the behind the opponent lines from the sides.

The point in the end is to put yourself in the situation where you have to improvise out of the box tactics.

4 Crucial Mental Skills Every Player Should Have


A soccer player is not just someone who can move the ball well, who is fast, or can shoot well. He is someone who is always mentally prepared. Some people call it experience but if you are trained mentally well enough, you can be as prepared as an experienced player in deciding what your action should be in every situation within a soccer match quickly and efficiently. In this article, I will state some of the

best techniques for mental preparation that you should regularly do, and especially before every match you play:

#1 – Focus

You need to know where the place where you can focus best is. For some people, it is a quiet room, for others they should make it dark as well, and for some it is under the shower. The point in the end is to find a place where you can free your mind from everything that crowds it and think of only one thing, football.

#2 – Visualize your moves

You have trained a lot, and you have tried many different moves and techniques for your game. Some you can master and some are not your best moves. Visualize them all, visualize yourself doing this move perfectly and gaining advantage over your opponent players by these moves. You will find yourself doing them naturally in the game after that.

#3 – Surround yourself with positive people

Don’t stay with people who keep telling you “No, this match is too hard for you, the opponent is too strong and you won’t be able to win”. Sometimes they are good companions but not before the match. Instead, you should stay with people who give you positive messages, who encourage you before the match, who make you confident that you are going to win this game.

#4 – Focus on playing well rather than winning

When the willingness to win is the only thing occupying your mind, you will most probably fail. You become too tense to do something right. Remember that you are playing soccer from the very beginning because you love this game. Focus on playing well, getting out the best of you. Enjoy what you are doing and winning will come by itself.

Follow these steps and observe the change in your style while playing the game. The best is yet to come.